Why did you choose BANKGCC, exactly?

Operates BANKGCC trading company for many financial products including foreign exchange and CFDs trading and instant commercial goods sections. BANKGCC offers a comprehensive end-user services and a range of business functions as well as flexibility in many powerful and comprehensive platforms. Being a pioneer in the trading market and are committed to providing a very high level of service, Ventmaz the highest level of integrity and professionalism and business.

We BANKGCC combine trading expertise with innovative technology to offer our customers a real big prices and liquidity in the market. This combination provides customers we have an ideal environment for trading in financial Market.

Liquidity and global communications:

  • Direct access to global markets, including forex, stocks, commodities and indices
  • Global resource that provides global liquidity with a single click on the Computer
  • Our offices are located all over the world and provide instant customer service in your mother tongue
  • A variety of special tools interbank major accounts

Trading costs:

  • Differences between the points on the banks of certain currencies and spreads any differences on several points of competitive products negotiable
  • Free without paying hidden fees and no extra cost
  • Advanced technology to ensure the protection of personal balance each investor
  • Capabilities to control and avoid risks
  • Add or change the border and even cancel orders on all financial instruments even if the market is closed,
  • Implementation of the deal through a single click
  • Full use of the margin, which allows you to use the full range of your money
  • Instant payments for large future profits
  • Customized leverage up to 1: 400

Risk Management:

Protect the margin directly in real time, ensuring that limits are exceeded and automatic implementation of the provisions of risk management to prevent negative balance

Advanced technology, immediate of prices, without any consideration for the market Zaazat

BANKGCC and dedicated effort to provide its customers the highest levels of customer service. In case you have any further questions regarding BANKGCC, or products or services, please feel free to contact us