Investor Protection

BANKGCC body working to ensure the protection of investors, and market development, and the application of disclosure instructions, and dissemination of the culture of investment, and improve the performance of the capital market to the ranks of developed global capital markets in order to achieve trading and investment supportive environment where a transparent, efficient and the rule of law and it is by working on several topics including:

Issuing legislation and foundations that contribute to the support and development of the capital market which helps in the right climate for investment in securities provide.

Provide full transparency and disclosure in the GCC Islamic investment bank, and to provide the investor with all the necessary information needed by an investor when making his investment decision, whether that was related to the performance of issuers of the documents or the trading process or under the control of the body approaching.

To work for the development of the necessary financial services in the capital market and to work in the level of services, and to develop the necessary conditions for submission and control.

To work for the establishment of mutual funds and the development of suitable legislation and this contributes to the provision of investment opportunities for new investors and efficient management of the investment, and this is the big addition to its flexibility and its ability to diversify its investments and this reduces its exposure to risk in general.

The application of international standards and laws in the capital market and its institutions, whether that was related to disclosure standards or any electronic trading via the Internet, or save and settlement prices of the securities electronically, accounting standards or international audit bodies subject to the supervision of the Commission's standards.

Adoption of the standards of professional conduct for staff at the Commission and the exchange and the center.

Impose the necessary penalties against violators and perpetrators of prohibited acts.

Investor awareness about the national capital market institutions.

Receiving complaints from investors for customer service, investigate and take appropriate action, including the imposition of sanctions on those who violate the law and regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto