The successful investment strategy

The investment is in the art and science of his origins, rules and requires a degree of knowledge and scientific and practical experiences that help a good choice and a trade-off between investment opportunities available in the market. Among the most important instructions that can be made in this area include:

First, determine the financial center must be investment in the amount of the surplus, because investing in the stock market requires a long period.

Second, determine the goal: We must invest reflects the investor's objectives, in terms of the nature of the expected benefits achieved, and should determine the appropriate time to get this return.

Third: the risk that unsustainable: whenever desired yield higher size whenever the investor riskier.

Fourth: The arms of knowledge: knowledge of the need to complete all the available investment tools and information available for these tools of general, financial and material information, and the need for knowledge of how to read the available financial information for traded financial instruments.

Fifth, make the effort and time: It must be investment on full knowledge, and this requires the investor to make the effort and time to search for information about the financial paper that wants to invest it and analyze this information to gain access to investment decision properly, and in the absence of capacity to do so can resort to authorities licensed to provide financial advisory or investment in low-risk investment funds Calcndhat tools.

Sixth: realism and diversification: financial markets prone to rise and fall, and revenues do not materialize quickly so it protects the long-term investor of the daily fluctuations of investment and diversification in securities investment at maturity degree of risk reduces considerably.

Seventh: The investor's knowledge of his rights: a must for the investor to have a full knowledge of their rights, which saved the legislation and laws, and should not fail to exercise his rights Khoudor General Assembly meetings for companies and receipt of stock shifts profits IPOs in a timely manner, as well as the need to demand their rights.

To invest successfully ........... you take the following steps:

Determine the investment objective and duration of the required investment.

Determine the allotted amount.

Dealing in the market through a certified and licensed broker.

Investment contractual process must be specific and in writing.

Know the return and investment risk of a financial advisor.

Look for the information needed to make investment decision.

Progressive investment in securities.

Diversification of investment by investing in more than one financial paper.

Not to follow rumors and investment by the scientific method.

Follow the movement of prices in the stock market continuously.

Follow-up of economic indicators and linked with the movement of the stock market.

Follow all regulations and instructions issued by the competent authorities, which related to investment in securities and to protect investors' rights.

When dealings in the stock market ........... make sure:

The broker is licensed by the Securities Commission.

You have the reference number of the mediator.

You get a notice of the customer identification.

Accuracy and validity of notice the customer identifying information.