How can I open an account in Dubai

There are three ways to open the investment portfolio in the Emirates markets for: -

By GCC Islamic investment bank:

One of the terms of the bank in order to open a trading account is 250 minimum, this amount is considered unfair and exaggerated in order to provide opportunities for all

GCC Islamic investment bank features:

The first advantage is the speed of implementation of operations in the sale or purchase.

The second advantage and more importantly, there is no need for customers in Saudi Arabia to travel to the UAE for trading or just inquiry, it is through this website you can get all the details and answer all your questions about trading, you can finally start racing and open your own account and start racing to invest as soon as the account opening

Second, we have developed a new technique in our official website of this, where you can communicate with customer service through direct them (ONLINE CHAT) if you have any question or inquiry about the company

Fourth, you can communicate with us via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, email