Risk determination

How to determine the proportion of risk when you are trading

The preservation of capital when trading and investing is a successful trading and profit basis.

When you play in maintaining the head of the owner, it means that you maintain your trading balance, and in this way you protect yourself from a loss, which in the end may lead to your loss of your entire account balance. In order to be able to anticipate Saeb percentage of risk that may be incurred during the trading, then you must first determine the risk at which they start trading in the forex market correctly will percentage, and then you have to select stop loss system or reduce them, according to the step first you have the ways to identify risk.

First, determine the risk

The first step you must determine the risk and this is such access to the trading world, and in general, this ratio may not be affected by the size of your trading account, they are in fact a tiny fraction of the size of your trading account, and this is regardless of the size of this account, which is owned, usually advised to use risk ratio of almost 2%, where this ratio may help you do not lose control over the balance of your account, and you stay in the market for as long as possible.

Second, you must select the orders to reduce the loss

After that we are the first step which is to determine the percentage of risk in a deal before trading in the GCC Islamic investment bank, a move that followed and that you should do when trading Hee determine the limit and stop-loss orders that can protect you from loss during trading.