Questions about the paperwork required to open an account

How can I send the required paperwork to BankGCC?

You may send a special required paperwork via email to

What information should be included in the required paperwork?

You must make sure that your full name and e-mail address is incorrect when you send the documents to the GCC Islamic investment bank.

If you have already received a temporary user name you can refer to that as well.

Why you must specify personal information?

Must take all steps to ensure that the previous confirm the recorded information and the protection of investors and customers from potential fraud.

BankGCC Company used roads and different systems check to make sure that personal customers belonging to our company.

My papers are not translated to English. Is that a problem providing the files?

GCC Islamic investment bank has a large number of staff to translate your documents into many languages. Do not worry you can submit papers in Arabic without problems

What is the identity that the government should send personal to prove?

It must include the legal government identification on your photo personality. Send it possible, for example: passport, driving license or national identity card.

What information must be provided to prove residence?

Accommodation must prove your name appears also address. It must not be less than the age of the document for six months.

What information must be proof of residence?

Alternative papers to prove housing are, for example: water bills, electricity bills, bank account last six months, credit card carried by the current leases or revealed. You should send this whole leaves. You can remove confidential information such as account number, or they may deem appropriate.

Can I use the office address instead of your home address?

You must be used to prove residence in order to verify the address as stated on the form. Please provide the residential address.

If you are a tenant and all the bills on behalf of the owner. What should I do?

We need you to document refers to the name and address as recorded on the form. It is possible in this case to use the bank account or even signed the lease contract copy with a statement of the duration of the lease revealed.

I do not I receive any mail to my home address. Can I submit a document indicating the mail box?

We cannot accept proof of residence entitled to a mailbox, but there is a common solution is to provide a document, such as utility bills, which show the address of the service facility along with the postal address

On my driver's license is no home address. Is it possible to use this document for both the required documents?

We need to separate the two documents to meet the identification requirements.

Can your driving license to be proof of residence of one case, a date of issue less than six months