Trading through the Internet

BankGCC gives its customers the possibility to complete trading over the Internet, and through the electronic platform provided by an inquiry for this service, which is the global platform, which gives traders trading a quick and easy way is also a possibility as soon as a computer connected to the Internet. This provides BankGCC company also trading platforms distinctive and private trading through the use of mobile phones, and that every trader was able to performs trading operations which, provided that mobile phones are part of smart devices, and those are the services that allow a trader to have access to all services Trading that is applied directly on company accounts GCC Islamic investment bank.

The company also did not overlook the provision of trading platforms for trading binary options, a platform that called BankGCC which allow each trader to conduct their own many and varied options on an international currency .

And within the framework of the various services offered by the company only in terms of the different trading platforms, it was a company must provide in return for this substantive and technical support integrated professional team, which is located upon himself the responsibility to answer all inquiries currency, becoming the importance that the company provides many ways to communicate the neighborhood with GCC Islamic investment bank, said the body of the most important points that the company aspires to achieve.

Indeed, Our Company has succeeded in providing excellent communication services to customers, and falls below communicate via e-mail and instant conversations, except for local phone line provided by the company includes about 38 countries around the world.