Capital investment Ways

Investment different ways with different investor objectives and areas of investment and also the volume of investment in terms of economic conditions and political conditions of the country where getting investment, in addition to the facilities provided by States to clients investors.

The Crescent Investment Bank Saudi aspire always to provide the best investment opportunities for clients.

Naguibkm now on the Frequently Asked Questions about the investment and ways to invest:

What are the methods of capital investment?

Capital investment and ways to vary the terms of the diversity of the areas of investment, where it's easier to invest in any area we want to do in our lives, starting from the investment from education to industry, trade and economy, agriculture and oil, where increasing the diversity of classifications fields.

Bank GCC provides the opportunity for customers to invest in all areas of investment, but we'll focus in this article on the most important investments and the most common and the most profit, according to experts.

And branching out ways to invest:

0.1 stock investment: It allows you to Saudi International Bank for Investment and investment opportunity through the purchase of shares in a major successful global companies.

2. Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds is one of the best ways to invest so that the Bank employs our customers money in investment funds that are either part of a large nonprofit or projects she used to start projects overseen by seasoned experts in the field of investment

3. Investing in bonds: Bank GCC offers you the chance to invest in corporate bonds, such as Apple and huge companies.

4. Other Investments: Investments in several educational projects, agricultural and industrial.

Whatever your style of investment, the investment with Bank GCC ensures that you achieve your goals in big profits and doubling your capital and secure a better future for you and your children.

When you can start in the field of investment?

We all aspire to enter the investment world where it becomes the owners of large investments and huge capital, but some of us are not physically ready to start investing in the idea of, what are the important points to look for in full readiness to enter the investment world:

You should non-investment loans, which include usurious loans charge you a relatively high interest rate in excess of 15% sometimes, so if you want to invest and do not have well capitalized and you are forced to borrow, then you should borrow from the investment bank Asalamamthel Gulf Islamic bank intervention investment, since it imposes a benefit that will ensure you take advantage of your loan ratio symbolic because when you borrow a high interest investment loan Vkarzk will become irrational because you will pay your earnings from the investment in order to cover the interest on the loan and thus will become your investment is profitable.

Choose a reliable broker investment and known integrity and safety and secrecy, and here is not an option you better than Bank GCC any GCC Islamic investment bank known in the investment market as the investment bank best in the region since it provides investment services to thousands of investors around the world and through its main branch in the United Kingdom and its partners from banks and investment companies deployed in all countries of the world.

3. You should know that the choice of an investment broker Excellent is the most important step in your way towards success in the world of investment must.

4. achter right timing to invest in it, you can not invest the time of war or natural disasters, for example, because you do not know the situation and economic policy that will affect them

5. qm prepare yourself well before entering into the investment world and that is take care of its GCC Islamic investment bank prepares you as an excellent way to enter the investment market.