Open an account to deposit funds

When you take the decision to enter the investment world with Islamic investment bank Gulf the first steps that you should start out you are of course open the deposit account for the funds, to deposit the capital

Who decided in advance through his investment BankGCC in stocks or forex or real estate or any other investment?

The GCC Islamic investment bank always seeks to provide better services to its investors and from this standpoint, our team innovates and develops new methods and a variety of strategies that would make it easier for investors the process of opening an account and deposit funds, where any investor to open an account by any means connection can Anywhere in the world.

Basic steps before you open an account?

Determine the capital that you want to start racing it

Specify the target of the investment.

Select the domain that you want to invest it (Forex, real estate, oil, industry, trade, agriculture ...)

Personal files and documents processing required to open an account.

What are the ways in which you can open an account with BankGCC?

Mobile and e: a first step you can communicate with the customer service department in order to submit an application to open a new account and send your files to the bank by mail, then the Bank contact to inform you of other files required and agree on a method of transferring funds to the bank

Internet: Some may see the way the first long and traditional and requires effort at times, so do not need to invent a new way faster and easier to provide the voltage on the customers, that's designed a simple technique experts to open deposit funds account through the website of the bank site, if you want open an account via the internet you have to follow these steps:

Enter the to the bank's website.

Click on the "open deposit account funds."

Basic data record (full name, place of residence, and the initial capital investment, phone and e-mail) after the press registration send data.

After receiving your order BankGCC experts will study the request within 24 hours only and then you are communicating to complete the process of opening the account.

How do you open an account with GCC Islamic investment bank?

After you have finished the preliminary steps before opening an account and equipped with the required files, follow these steps to begin to open an account with the deposit of funds BankGCC

Send files required by traditional mail or e-mail to the bank.

Select the way you want them to transfer money, as provides you with GCC Islamic investment bank of all possible ways to transform the capital account, and most important:

A.T.M payment via MasterCard or other site through the bank credit card.

Communication with scientists and transfer service through money transfer service in the world like Xpress Money and Western Union section. The company sends you a professional delegates present in your state and receive the amount you save for your time and your effort.

After accepting the request, and the arrival of the documents and the arrival of funds to the bank, your account becomes effective within 24 hours.

After the completion of the previous process, you can start to manage your account and through multimedia provided you GCC Islamic investment bank that experts, and including:

1. Via the official website of the bank.

2. Via the computer and phone, which fits with all operating systems application.

3. Through the application of mobile phone and that is appropriate for systems Android and iPhone.