Profit distribution

Dubai Financial Market has been occupying an important position in terms of assistance included in maintaining an updated file to its shareholders, and to enable the competent authorities to carry out all the procedures related to the distribution of profits effectively administrative companies

Depends BankGCC and financial success in providing this service to the possession of sophisticated tools and effective action by the most important in reducing costs while ensuring the highest level of accuracy the implementation of the service for the benefit of our customers levels.

BankGCC and manages the distribution of all the profits in full operations and delivery of optimally, so for many described by below:

Bank transfer: We have the possibility of direct transfer of profits to investors around the world account

BankGCC enables you to receive payment immediately and will also withdraw money from anywhere in the world via the ATM (ATM) carrying the quotation Visa in addition to purchases from retail stores and through the Internet. You can also drag from the ATMs of the bank or deposit cash in any branch